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Here at Canal Nouvelle Victoire (CNV), we are looking to redevelop our website at cnvtv.ca. What’s our dream website, you ask? The answer is a mobile-first video discovery companion.

Request details

We are looking for proposals from highly qualified, experienced website development companies to design, develop and implement our new public-facing website. You may be the company we’re looking for if your organization has expertise in:

  • digital-first approach
  • cutting-edge web technologies (PWA, IPFS, AWS Lambda, ML, IoT)
  • information architecture
  • content strategy
  • user experience and usability testing
  • website development and deployment
  • website hosting
  • social network integration

We want to partner with a vendor who understands our specific community, and will help guide us to where we want to be in the different stages of development of our website.

Deadline change

Deadline to send your proposal has been pushed to September 11, 2017 midnight (EDT)


Please submit all inquiries related to this RFP in writing (we will not accept telephone calls regarding this RFP).

Inquiries could include requests for additional information, clarifications or proposed changes to the RFP. We will only respond to inquiries that:

  • we receive before midnight on August 29
  • are labeled “CNV TV Website Design, Development and Hosting”
  • include your name, firm's name, telephone number and email

We will try to provide help or additional information of a reasonable nature that may be requested by interested vendors. Responses to inquiries will be posted on this page by September 1, 2017.

Frequently ask questions

Can you confirm your budget for Phase 1 is $5,000-$8,000? Is the budget for phase 1 set in stone?

Keep in mind that the evaluation criteria (section 5.2) consider the pricing as just 10% of the overall solution that you'll provide. So if you think that the budget of your solution won't fit in our projections, make sure that you score as much points as possible in the other areas. We will consider the solution that best satisfiies the overall requirements, regardless of budget.

Another point to consider is that phase 1 is approximately 4-8% of the overall scope of the project. It's supposed to be a rapid prototype (4-8 weeks) that we can published against our deadlines. It's intended to be a single page directory of 5-6 carrousels for playlists (home page), two contact forms and the rest should be static pages (about us, legal stuff, information for advertisers, etc.) for generic information.

What would hinder you from choosing any specific web design company?

Please refer to section 5.2 Criteria evaluation. The weight of each criteria is purposefully distributed in a manner that will allow us to find the perfect match for our project.

Is there any technical documentation for CinegyTM?

For clarifications Phase 1 API integration would be only to retrieve the metadata of the recently played videoclips playlists (which could go as far back as two or three years). CinegyTM TV Pack will be a new IT acquisition for us, we will test run it for 6-8 weeks before we deploy it this winter. We will time the deployment so that it overlaps the Phase 1 development.

The full API documentation will be available mid-October, and it's negotiated with the CinegyTM team to have support from them for the integration. Integration for Phase 2 of CinegyTM TV Pack will depend on the behaviour data collected of our users after Phase 1 deployment. If any unexpected additional API integration work is required, we would assume any overage budget.

CinegyTM doesn't host any videos for us, it's mostly a broadcasting platform. The hosting will be done on dedicated servers and we will stream directly from them.

What do we mean by "Frame capture, filters and captions"?

What we were thinking here, is exploring a meme generator feature where visitors could share their own take on their favorite videoclip. Exact details are not clear yet and could be validated with the users' feedbacks and data.

Are we eligible bidding/working on this project?

We will only consider fully legal entities. Make sure you can provide proof of your business identity. You don't have to be a local business (remote businesses are welcome) to bid/work on this project.

Multilingual options

It is important to understand that the website interface needs to be available in two different languages (English, French) without Google Translate. We will provide the content in both languages while the video content will stay in it's original language and won't need any translation.

Is there any user registration will required to Submit the videos?

User should be able to upload a video for review without any registration step. An exemple (but not the best one) of such form would be much.com Music video submission form. They're using a delivery service called DMDS that we won't intend to use for our workflow since this is taking of by CinegyTM Archive.

Make sure that the forms solution that you'll provide is flexible enough to support multi-step forms, in order to adapt the usability of the form to our target audience. There will be no technical limitations for the videos in terms of size or format, but we will need to communicate our preferences for HD and SD video format to the users.

Do you have any preferences in terms of the technology stack?

We do but we believe that the right tool should be chosen for the right job. That's why it's only a preference and we haven't list it as a requirement.

We hope that you'll be able to propose a stack that best fit our current goals and objectives. We will take a lot more interest in the type of development that you use than the kind of stack you've chosen.

What kind of website design appearance are you looking for?

Right now our main focus is on the jobs to be done and functionality more than appearance. We are looking to work with the awarded vendor to identify the proper appearance for our target audience. We do have a few wireframes from some research that we have conducted early this year, that we could share once the contract is awarded if need be.

Membership portal details

Membership portal means that we are looking into exploring in a mechanism where users could register an account with an user profile that would be private and a public profile that will showcase their recent activities to the other users. The CMS and the users account management could be two separate solutions if it's a user-friendly solution for both the administrators and the users.

  • Should our RFP response refer only to Phase 1?
    Up to you
  • Is your website launch for Phase 1 November 10th concrete?
  • Once your website is built are you considering any digital marketing such as organic SEO or PPC? Social Media Marketing?
  • Are there any documents outlining how the admin area of the new application should function?
  • Are you considering the website hosting server cost in the website designing and development budget OR you are fine to discuss the web hosting as a separate service?
    Fine as a separate service
  • Search results feature is mentioned as love to have, so please confirm whether we plan it here for development or require quote separately.
    Section 4.2.3: Please provide cost for these elements separately, and note if any additional design or development time would be required.